Meet the faces behind the wheel.

Mick Malec

Chief Executive Officer

With over 25 years of health care technology experience, Mick has oversight of enGen and our core offering, the Enterprise Health Solution (EHS) Platform, an all-encompassing health tech solution that helps health plans achieve greater efficiencies and superior results. By combining industry expertise with a product mindset, Mick is committed to using technology to drive members’ health care experience.

Brian Lucotch


With over 20 years’ experience as a senior business operator, solutions strategist, and a catalyst for transformational growth, Brian is responsible for technical oversight and productive delivery of our Enterprise Health Solutions (EHS) Platform. Recognized as a collaborative change leader for operational excellence, Brian has a proven track record of driving digital transformations and bringing next generation, value-based health solutions to market. 

Mike Tracy

Chief Operating Officer

Having been in the healthcare field for over 20 years, Mike has demonstrated a mastery in operations management, business process improvement and an overall elevated technology solutions process mindset. Mike is an essential part of the enGen team, with his ability to provide exceptional service outcomes combined with the capability to maintain an industry-leading approach.

Gary Dick

Chief Information Officer

With nearly a decade of experience in IT Infrastructure and Operations, Gary plays a dynamic role in all information activity at enGen. With broad experience covering global infrastructure and applications activities, large-scale data center operations, applications development, acquisition integration and business redesign, he is prepared to continue to build on our cutting-edge technology and solutions. 

Brian Devine

Chief Financial Officer

With 15 years of financial leadership experience, Brian oversees finance and commercialization activities for enGen. Having been with the team for over a decade, he is well-versed in the health technology industry and the role we play in it. Brian leads our financial planning cycles concerning budget management, forecasting and capital plans.

Gloria Romeo

Senior Vice President

A dynamic and innovative leader with a proven track record for successfully delivering highly complex programs under challenging circumstances, Gloria is passionate about utilizing technology to improve client engagement and experience. Having been in her field for over a decade, Gloria maintains both the technical and business domains with a focus on ensuring success for both sides.