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The enGen ecosystem

Our integrated solutions provide end-to-end service offerings across front, middle, and back office functions. Whether you need standalone solutions or the full breadth of our ecosystem, enGen drives results. 

Health Plan & Provider

enGen’s payer and provider platform powers more than any other solution on the market — products and services can be implemented either holistically or modularly.


Provides world class service delivery and business process services across the entire health care value chain and all health insurance lines of business.

Global Technology & Ops Support

Advances innovation in a 24x7 environment offering flexibility for enGen and scalability for our clients.

Print & Fullfillment Services

Offers the reliability, flexibility, and experience necessary for you to deliver digital, print, and mail services cost-effectively.

IT Infrastructure

Provides reliable infrastructure and security solutions for all health care needs.


Our Payer Platform


Our comprehensive, cloud-based technical Platform helps health plans run their enterprises, with capabilities and tools to support a wide range of segments and lines of business. A truly end-to-end Platform – combined with our people and our processes – provides a comprehensive set of products, solutions, and services that supports the delivery of high-quality care. From member enrollment and claims processing to care management and more, our Platform simplifies complex processes, leading to a health care experience that patients can count on.






Our Business Intelligence solution provides actionable insights to identify opportunities for cost efficiencies and targets key trends. With innovative and cutting-edge solutions that equip our clients with the information they need, this tool empowers health care payviders to stay ahead of the curve, improve patient outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency.

A testament to our vision of transforming health care through technology, we support our clients with data that helps drive optimization, greater efficiencies, and strategic targeting – everything they need to be successful in today’s marketplace.

This cloud-based solution holistically manages provider activities, reducing administrative burden. Offering enhanced maintenance through intelligent, optimized workflows, Providius enables the more efficient collection, management, and distribution of provider data. By linking multiple applications into one modern, configurable, and streamlined solution, Providius gives health plans and providers the self-service capabilities to manage demographics, contracting, networks, reimbursement administration, and credentialing.

Predictal connects Utilization, Case, and Disease management into a single, modern system that consolidates member and provider information. Inspired by innovative care delivery models, advanced digital technologies, and data interoperability, Predictal enables business outcomes through streamlined business intelligence and powerful insight capabilities, while simplifying care for members and providers.

Predictal CM is now NCQA Prevalidated for Population Health Management in Health Plan Accreditation