What drives you?

At enGen, we offer our clients superior technology and solutions. Our healthtech ecosystem works to evolve and to bring structure and process that will assist in simplifying operational functions for health plans and their provider partners.

A young Indian Asian woman is having a business meeting with her team in a conference room. Her colleagues are diverse with a Caucasian brunette woman and a Chinese Asian woman

Within our ecosystem lies dedicated support from innovative experts. We work to provide real-time, dependable, and consistent services to our clients who are in constant contact with our teams that have deep technical expertise and a passion for developing innovative solutions. We work to ensure our health platform grows to meet the evolving needs of the industry as well as providing analytics and insights that plans can use to improve and manage their members’ health.

enGen offers a comprehensive health plan platform as well as stand-alone products that use technology-at-scale to drive better outcomes for health plans and their members.

Our culture emphasizes the importance of our work and stresses the integral role every enGen employee plays in furthering our mission of enabling an innovative and secure technology experience that simplifies health for all. Our culture is one of continuous improvement – we’re constantly transforming to improve patient outcomes and meet the needs of our health plan customers. But what truly sets us apart? Our people.

Named one of Greater Pittsburgh Top Workplaces in 2021, enGen is comprised of individuals with technical expertise and a passion for developing innovative solutions that ensure the EHS platform evolves to meet the needs of its current and future health plan clients.

We are driven by our customer focus and a team mentality, because when our customers succeed, we all succeed.

What drives you?

We are always interested in speaking with any talented individuals who are looking to join our team. If you would like to learn more, follow this link to see what career opportunities are currently available!