Intelligen - enGen's business intelligence solution

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Oct 04, 2023

enGen continues to expand their healthtech ecosystem by introducing their business intelligence solution, intelliGen. 

A new product offering by enGen, intelliGen empowers healthcare payviders with the information and tools they need to stay ahead of the curve, improve patient outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency. This is not just a product, but also a testament to enGen’s vision of transforming healthcare through technology. 

This cutting-edge BI tool is designed to offer a revolutionary approach to data-driven decision-making. By aggregating and analyzing user-specific data, intelliGen allows clients to unlock actionable insights that drive optimization of resources, cost efficiencies, and strategic targeting. 

What benefits can intelliGen offer enGen’s clients?  

  • Monitor Key Areas of Workflow & Productivity
  • View member portal registration, usage, and comparative trends to surface potential targeted marketing opportunities.
  • Track claims data and identify areas for improvement in Adjudication, Epic Detail, Claims rejections and more. 
  • Monitor clinical processes and ensure that they are running smoothly by tracking Cycle Time, Task Summaries, and Auto Authorizations.  
  • Understand trending surface opportunities to drive business strategies & business outcomes:
    • Improve performance & achievement of critical SLAs
    • Gain efficiency & cost savings
    • Optimize member, provider & user experiences 
    • Understand impact of modernization efforts on value & outcomes