Providius: Optimized Provider Maintenance – Powered by enGen

Feb 21, 2023

enGen, a wholly owned healthtech subsidiary of Highmark Health, launched the first of its newly reimagined product offerings – Providius. A cloud-based solution that holistically manages provider activities with the end goal of reducing administrative burden, Providius offers enhanced maintenance to enGen’s health plan clients through intelligent, optimized workflows.

The newest provider system on enGen’s Enterprise Health Solution (EHS) Platform, Providius simplifies provider maintenance. With a user-friendly setup that streamlines how cases are managed and assigned, Providius contains automated workflows, configurable business rules, and a customizable dashboard to ease administrative labor.

With workflows that guard against validation errors, resolving issues throughout the data entry process, Providius manages providers and their relationships to quickly and easily make information claims worthy. Providius also offers a unified experience with all of reimbursement managed through one application. The ability to enter business rules allows for enhanced self-service capabilities, faster deployment of new fee for service and value-based arrangements with improved traceability of reimbursement calculations.

Speaking to the benefits that the product can offer enGen’s clients, Jennifer Zellinger, vice president, Product Development & Management, explains, “Providius’ guided workflows help simplify network maintenance; the product empowers users to affiliate networks or model existing affiliations, prepopulating as many values as possible to minimize data entry time, but allowing edits along the way. Because data is systematically validated, clients can ensure that downstream processing gets the most accurate provider information."

As enGen continues to offer innovative technology solutions, and service to their health plan clients, Providius is one of many product offerings that help clients connect their members to what matters most: their health.


Powered by enGen, this cloud-based solution holistically manages provider activities, reducing administrative burden. Offering enhanced maintenance through intelligent, optimized workflows, Providius enables the more efficient collection, management, and distribution of provider data. By linking multiple applications into one modern, configurable, and streamlined solution, Providius gives health plans and providers the self-service capabilities to manage demographics, contracting, networks, reimbursement administration, and credentialing.

enGen’s dynamic ecosystem of smart automation and technology supports and streamlines complex operations for health plans and their provider partners. Founded in 2014 as HM Health Solutions, enGen is a wholly owned healthtech subsidiary of Highmark Health. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, enGen has more than 6,000 employees and works with health care plans serving more than 11 million members nationwide.