Predictal – enGen’s clinical platform

predictal - powered by enGen

Mar 28, 2023

enGen’s journey to create a differentiated, top-of-the-line experience for their health plan clients was the spark it needed to create Predictal, an integrated clinical platform. 

A new product offering by enGen, Predictal connects Utilization Management and Case Management into a seamless, modern, and user-friendly system that consolidates member and provider information into one system, thus increasing workflow visibility and enabling more efficient data transfer between teams. But what’s the why?  

enGen realized that outdated technology makes it increasingly difficult to sustain the day to day, leading to a significant backlog. Inspired by innovative care delivery models, advanced digital technologies, and data interoperability, Predictal was created to help further provide a world-class technology-enabled customer experience to enGen’s clients. 

With key benefits including self-service capabilities, integrated Utilization Management and Case Management, improved workflow, and administrative efficiencies, Predictal can provide the following business outcomes: cost savings, increased productivity, reduced time to market, and an enhanced member experience.

Predictal can also enable business outcomes through business intelligence and insights capabilities that empower health plan clients to measure and evaluate the clinical, financial, and operating performance of their Utilization, Case, and Disease Management programs and operations. 

What solutions can Predictal offer enGen’s clients? For members, Predictal can provide: 

  • Faster authorization determinations. 
  • Fewer delayed procedures and follow-up phone calls.  
  • Timely, comprehensive answers to questions.  
  • Increased quality of care and communication. 
  • A superior member experience. 

For providers, Predictal offers: 

  • Reduced duplicative authorization submissions and faster authorization determination. 
  • Faster and more accurate communication.  
  • Improved coordination that will help eliminate duplicative outreach to members. 

With all this – and more – it’s clear that Predictal is a next generation clinical platform that makes it easier for both members and providers alike to navigate today’s complex health care landscape.